Savage Lands

During a meeting filled with American legends, including Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, President Andrew Jackson proposes to get rid of the Native American threat using the Indian Removal Act. Crockett initially agrees to publicly support Jackson’s plan but receives word that his wife Polly is deathly ill. Crockett sets out on a perilous journey to reach her and his two young boys.

Along the way, he saves the life of a Cherokee named Dawoni who pledges his friendship to Crockett.

Left to fend for themselves, Crockett’s two sons steal a beaver carcass from a trap belonging to the Northern Fur Trading Company. Their ruthless leader, Caleb, captures them and intends to press the youths into peonage for two years as recompense for the stolen beaver.

As Caleb prepares to set off with the boys, Crockett returns. When attempts to bargain with Caleb fail, Crockett finds himself badly beaten and trapped with his wife in their cabin consumed by flames. Crockett narrowly escapes with his wife, and the pair set out to rescue their sons.

Outmatched in numbers and weaponry, Crockett attacks and is beaten back. When all seems lost, Dawoni returns with the Cherokee helps his friend even the odds. After an epic battle, Crockett defeats the villainous Caleb.

The journey home forces Crockett to see the natives in a new light. Each of us have the capacity for both honor and savagery. Crockett withdraws his support of Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act. Reunited with his wife and sons, Crockett rebuilds his life.